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Water Analysis

  • More accurate than test strips

  • Results take just minutes

  • Provides a clearer picture​​

    • Free Chlorine​

    • Total Chlorine

    • Bromine

    • Alkalinity

    • pH

    • Total Hardness

    • And more!

Warranty Repair,

Maintenance & Service

  • Free Water Analysis

  • Repairs & Testing on sweeps and pumps

  • Pool and Spa filter cartridge cleaning

  • Product Installation

  • Weekly & monthly service

  • Vacuum & Pump rentals


H20 AnaLysis EXpert!

(A computerized system)


ALEX tests your pool and spa water in minutes!! 

More accurate results?  ALEX!

Simple test strips are not sufficient for today's pools and spas.  You need more and better information.  ALEX tests for not just free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, pH, and total hardness, but also CYA level, metal levels (like copper or iron), total disolved solids, and saturation index.


Detailed findings?   ALEX!

You'll walk away with better instructions and specific recommendations for startup, closing, and maintenance.  


Cloudy or green water?  ALEX!

Get additional information on how to clear-up those problems according to the size of your pool or spa.

Want to save money?  ALEX!

How often should I get my water tested?


  •   Spring and Summer:  every other week

As the season heats up your swimmers need your pool more often!  The combination of ALEX and home test strips or kits is the best you can do for your pool and your users. And ALEX is free!  So, what are you waiting for?  Jump on in!  The water's fine!

  • Fall and Winter:  once or twice per month

As the weather cools and pool usage starts to drop manage your water balance and clarity before closing things down for the season.  We'll test and balance to ensure ph equilibrium, clear water, and optimal maintenance for next season. 

NOTE:  When closing your pool for the winter, but leaving the cover off, keep up with bi-weekly maintenance and testing in the off-season.  We can help with that!

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Summer is best spent enjoying your pool time with family and friends.
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