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We all know summer is best spent enjoying your time with family and friends. Sign up for weekly service and leave the back breaking work to us.

Free ALEX Water Analysis

  • More accurate than test strips

  • Results take just minutes

  • Provides a clearer picture​​

    • Free Chlorine​

    • Total Chlorine

    • Bromine

    • Alkalinity

    • pH

    • Total Hardness

  • Free Water Analysis

  • Repairs & Testing on pool sweeps and pumpls

  • Pool and Spa filter cartridge cleaning

  • Product Installation

  • Weekly or monthly pool service

  • Vacuum & Pump rentals

Warranty Repair,

Maintenance & Service

Free water analysis with the computerized system, ALEX!

Analysis Expert (ALEX) tests your pool and spa water much more accurately than simple test strips; The ALEX system will produce results for not only the free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, pH, and total hardness, but as well as the CYA level, metal levels like copper or iron, total dissolved solids, and the saturation index. ALEX provides a page full of instructions and recommendations for startup, closing, and maintenance, in a matter of minutes. And by letting ALEX know whether your pool or spa is cloudy or green, the analysis will give additional results of how to clear those problems up according to the size of your pool or spa.

How often should I get my water tested?

  • During the spring and summer season, it is best to get you water analyzed with ALEX one or more times every other week, in addition to home testing with either test strips or test kit.

  • During the winter season, it is recommended to test the water multiple times before closing the pool down to ensure that each measure is balanced and the water is clear. IF you are closing your pool for the winter, yet leaving any cover off, it is best to keep up with the weekly maintenance and testing throughout the season. 


*Save money by getting a frequent water testing with the ALEX system!


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